Testgram starts with your users.

First, we observe

Testgram continuously learns how your real users are using your application (and we're obsessively private too). We use state of the art machine learning algorithms to identify important and distinct ways that your application is used across different slices of your user base. We call each of these distinct units a behavior.

A unit of measure

Each behavior represents an action item, a basic unit of testing. Each behavior is constantly monitored and updated as your application evolves so that your QA's "go to prod" checklist is always current. Most importantly it means that the testing we do both manual and automated is backed by real users and thus, real value.

Push Start AUtomation

Testgram's AI constantly works in the background to help your QA team every step of the way. We do this by writing automated UI regression tests for each behavior. Our tests are automatically versioned and updated with new behaviors or application changes. This means no flaky tests and no code necessary to build a state of the art automated regression suite. You can even trigger or schedule your behaviors to be tested continuously using our scheduled suites and CI/CD integrations.

Pixel Perfect, Continuous Feedback

Each regression test is a pixel-perfect representation of how your application works. Our test runners use these snapshots to give insights into the changes that happened on each code change, staging build, or sprint.

Getting started is
as simple as ctrl+v

Getting started is as simple as pasting a
one line Javascript snippet into your webapp's code.
We take care of the rest, happy testing.

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