October 1, 2020

Introducing Testgram

Introducing Testgram

Over the last ten years we have seen a fundamental shift in the way modern software is built. It allows engineering teams to move quicker and make better decisions by using astronomical scales of data. Despite these changes, the approach that we use to test that software hasn’t kept pace. Today we rely on antiquated metrics to measure testing performance, leaving us in the dark to painfully count our defects after we’ve pushed a release to users. Further, time and resources are invariably constrained and testing seems to always get the shorter end of the stick. We believe that the approach to testing today diverges from a fundamental goal of testing: to test the product as a user would use it.

To close the gap between testing and usage, our team at Testgram is building a next generation test intelligence platform that empowers your team to leverage real usage and behavior data to make better testing decisions.

We’ve spent the last year working closely with a few customers to deliver a radically different and accessible interface to behavior data that uncovers key performance gaps in testing with telescopic precision. We’ve seen our customers achieve order of magnitude improvements in their testing coverage, quality, and speed. These experiences have shown us that there is an opportunity to build a new kind of testing stack that reinvents the fundamental processes in software testing today and brings user behavior data into the core of testing decisions.

What's next for Testgram?

Over the next few months, we at Testgram are rolling out our product to a wider group of early customers to empower more organizations to reinvent their testing stack. If you’re interested in being part of the testing revolution, sign up for our early access program. If you want to help us build the future of software testing, join us.

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