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With Testgram, create helper robots that simulate real usage and verify your applications are functioning correctly, before you release.

npm i -g @testgram/cli Installed! tg init πŸ‘‹ Connected to `myste` tg train @checkout_cindy Learned 3 critical paths Impact: ~1200 users tg sim @checkout_cindy βœ”οΈ Path 1 (~590 users / week) βœ”οΈ Path 2 (~410 users / week) βœ— Path 3 (~200 users / week) - 92% confidence
- Reproduce: `tg debug a8da`

How the code I write today affect my users tomorrow?

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Testgram helps you answer the question...

How will the code I write today affect my user tomorrow?

Error Report - Debug ID: a8da
Simulated 4 days ago
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Testing designed for the next generation of web development

"Testgram starts with people
and puts data at its center.
We built it for change, constant change,
so that it gets better as you keep using it.

We designed it to get the little things right
to bring developers the raw power,
customizability, and debuggability,
for a new class of web testing.

It helps you harness the power of collaboration
and instill confidence and conviction, early and often.

Testing deserves a dust off. A renovation.
Modernized for the way we build software today.

Testgram is our answer."
CEO, Animesh Koratana

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